FELC Adult is A vibrant community of  adults looking for answers, friendship, and support through one another.

Family Adult Events and Information

Adult Education

A weekly class is held in the Mary Martha Room at 9:15 a.m. each Sunday. Men, women, couples, and singles enjoy video presentations or book studies on Biblical and topical subjects. Participants discuss the topic in an informal response session. Anyone interested is invited to get a cup of coffee or a soda and sit in with the group.

Bible Study Opportunities

*Ladies Circle: All ladies are invited to the monthly Bible Class held in the Gathering Grounds the first Tuesday of each month at 9:30 a.m.

Couples/Singles Study – Weekly, Sundays at 6:00 p.m. – Art & Roni Loos 426-0382. All are welcome.

Adult Education / bible study Sundays, 9:15 am

Women Thursday Evening Bible Study

This group meets the 3rd Thursday at 5:45 p.m. in the Mary/Martha Room. Scripture, personal growth and how God’s word applies to you. All women (confirmed and up) are welcome. Call Roni at 426-0382 or email her at arloos1@new.rr.com for more information.


Men’s Bible Study

Click on “Men’s Bible Study” for more information or if you would like more information before you decide, please email Tom @ jefftaj@yahoo.com or Russ @ russ.potrartz@stratacomm.com.

Church Council

A group of leaders meets with the ministry team monthly to learn, to pray and to make the necessary direction-giving decisions for the congregation. Each member serves for three years and may be re-elected by congregational vote. An Executive Committee is chosen from these leaders. They conduct the official meetings of the congregation and serve as the Personnel Committee.

Teams, Boards, Committees

Various teams, boards, and committees provide opportunities for our members to become involved in the leadership of the First English congregation, management of its resources, and fulfillment of its mission.


This group of active women “makes to give away” hat-mitten-and-scarf sets for 5-year-olds, baby blankets, lap robes, and afghans. All are donated to local schools, hospitals and nursing homes.

Neighborhood Center

Celebrating 50 years of community outreach in 2022, Neighborhood Center meets September through May for programs of music, games, and education, followed by a delicious “at cost” meal. Neighbors of all ages from around the city gather beginning at 11:00.  Conversation and cards follow the noon meal. All are welcome!  Contact Kay Dobberke Brauer at kayd_54902@yahoo.com or 920.203.4464

Homebound/Nursing Home Residents Communion Distribution

Trained fellow-members serve as communion distributors to our 80-90 homebound members once a month. This personal service helps those who cannot attend onsite worship services feel they are still part of our congregation. Details available through the church office at 231-9890.

Chancel Flower Delivery:

Donated flowers that have graced the Sunday worship services are delivered weekly to homebound members by fellow-members of the congregation.


We currently are meeting on the third Tuesday of every month beginning at 9 am. We are currently looking for volunteers who enjoy sewing at their own leisure. We have fabric we are willing to give to you. Our quilt tops need to be 60 x 80. Any design is welcomed and greatly appreciated.

If you have some free time on the third Tuesday of each month, you are more than welcome to join us. No experience is necessary. We are really good at teaching.

Rachel Hale ~ 920-203-6564 or the church office at 920-231-9890 

                                                                                  ” A quilt is a treasure that follows its owner anywhere”