First English Lutheran Church offers a contemporary worship for those who prefer a more modern style with music often heard on your local Christian radio stations.

Spirit of Hope Contemporary worship

Spirit of Hope is the contemporary worship service of First English Lutheran Church and is held each Sunday at 10:30 am (10.00 in summer) in the auditorium. Spirit of Hope was created under the following mission: 1. Bring people into the family of God, 2. Build relationships with God and each other, 3. Teach the word of God and 4. Send our members out into the world to continue the circle of God’s work.  Differences that might be noticed include: A children’s sermon is held followed by the sermon. Sermons are Bible based and may spend more time talking about applying the Bible lesson to life today; communion takes place weekly and is distributed by intinction using real bread. The service features contemporary music led by our Spirit of Hope Band which invites us to participate in a service of praise and worship through singing and playing musical instruments and instead of pews worshippers sit at tables. Computer projection on a large screen for the service is used instead of a printed service. Fellowship is provided prior to the service with coffee, treats and conversation. Casual dress is welcomed and children enjoy dancing and playing rhythm instruments to the music.

History: After a year of prayer, planning, creativity and enthusiasm, the first service of Spirit of Hope was held on September 8, 2002, at the satellite location, Carl Traeger School. Members of the Core Team under the leadership of Pastor Jeff Tomberlin included leaders in fellowship, financial, technical support, evangelism, discipleship, music and ministry. One of the many challenges for Spirit of Hope was that it needed to establish a unique, nontraditional, inviting service to reach out to the churched and unchurched. In June, 2005, Spirit of Hope moved to our current cite in the auditorium at First English Lutheran Church.