FELC Youth provides an opportunity for youth to come to know the Lord Jesus Christ in a welcoming environment. All youth are accepted and encouraged to live Faithful, Exciting Lives in their faith through worship, Bible study, and prayer, while building relationships in a caring Christian community.

Youth Coordinator – Karen Fredrick


When family and friends found out about my position as the Youth Coordinator, they asked me why, why would I want to add more to my already full plate? And the only answer I gave them is the Holy Spirit has guided me here.

The Holy Spirit is with me ALL THE TIME. His presence is so powerful there was no way I could ignore it. I can honestly say I have never felt the Holy Spirit at work like that in my life, ever. My wish for all of you is that someday you experience this as well if you haven’t already.

A little about me, I am a wife to Pat, a mom to Sydney, and Brady. We have two chocolate labs, Newman and Rockie. I work full-time as a court reporter, appointed by Judge Karen Seifert of Winnebago County and Judge Richard Nuss of Fond du Lac County. I’ve been a lifelong member of FELC. I enjoy baking, cooking and gardening but what I enjoy the most is spending time with my kids and supporting them in their many activities

I am looking forward to serving First English Lutheran Church and cannot wait to showcase our youth and show you how amazing they are.


“Then the Spirit said to Philip, ‘Go up and join this chariot,” Acts 8:29

Our goals

  • Promote and provide Christ-centered worship
  • Nurture individual relationships with youth to encourage spiritual growth
  • Build relationships among youth, parents, and church members.
  • Support adult volunteers in promoting and teaching evangelism to youth
  • Teach and equip youth in ways of serving God and growing in their faith
  • Assist youth in honoring God in their lives by serving others
  • Equip youth with knowledge and resources to enable them to discuss their faith with peers outside of church / youth events
  • Provide youth with opportunities for fellowship and community building
  • Provide and nurture a caring, open atmosphere for youth activities and promote acceptance of all youth among their peers
  • Provide youth with opportunities and leadership to serve of others.

Ministry Focus

Our purpose in ministry is to help raise up future leaders and role models who can clearly articulate their faith in any field or career they chose as an adult. Areas in which ministry focuses on for both middle and high school are:

  • EVANGELISM – Acts 1 – 8 To share the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • FELLOWSHIP – Ephesians 2:19 To receive, nurture, hold accountable and encourage each other.
  • MINISTRY – Ephesians 2:10 To use our God-given gifts to meet the needs of others with love.
  • WORSHIP – Romans 12:1 To celebrate God’s presence and honor Him in our lifestyles